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New rail project causes chaos in Maidenhead

The 14.8bn Cross Rail project set to revitalise the towns train service, has caused disruption this week as platforms are removed at Maidenhead train station. The removal of platforms 4 and 5 came as part of a bigger demolition programme which removes Victorian platforms, in preparation for new power lines being installed and a new 205 metre cross rail train. Consequently, commuters will have to find other routes to their destinations, despite the First Great Western promising that steps have been taken to ‘reduce the disruption’ for passengers travelling to and from Maidenhead.

In addition, it was also revealed this week that house prices are set to soar by 60%, come 2020. A house pricing at £264,246 in 2014 is predicted to increase to £422,794 by 2020. The increase was unwelcomed by many who were looking to move into the area from other areas as prices in Berkshire are set to rise by £160,000 in the next four years. As a result, home owners from countries such as China are buying up properties in and around Berkshire before they become unaffordable. Subsequently, this is predicted to result in more properties being built due to the extreme housing pressures after 2020.