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Burglary at Maidenhead Foodshare – Donations Needed! (ARCHIVED)

On Thursday 28thJuly 2016, thieves broke into Maidenhead Foodshare and stole £1,000 worth of food and items.

Susan Brett, founder of the charity based in New Market, Kings Street said she didn’t realise there had been a break in until Friday morning and was unaware of the scale of missing items until she and her team were handing out food on Saturday morning.

She told the Maidenhead Advertiser: “We put the trays of food which is closer to going off at the front of the shelves”.

“It’s only when we took the food from the front and saw there were no trays behind them we realised they had been taken, she said.

Debbie Gee, the Foodshare’s Manager added that she believes the thieves were selective in what they took.

She told the Maidenhead Advertiser: “They took all the meat and fish in freezers, tins of soup, and nappies. A lot of branded items were taken, – all that was left behind was beans and pasta,” she said.

Since the news of the burglary, local residents, including myself have donated food and much needed immediate items to the Foodshare.

However, the charity is still in need of perishable and non-perishable items such as meat and fish, coffee, fruit and veg, jam, tinned fruit and veg and toothpaste.

Please donate if you can. There are donation boxes at the majority of major supermarkets. Food can also be dropped off at the Foodshare in New Market, Kings Street and money can also be donated to www.thebrettfoundation.org.uk.