High NHS parking charges at St Mark’s Hospital, Maidenhead

If you have ever visited St Mark’s Hospital for an appointment, or simply live or stop by the shops in the area, you may have noticed the extreme difficulty in finding a parking space. This is largely down to visitors of St Mark’s Hospital parking on residential streets to avoid the high NHS parking charges.

My family members, who suffer from long-term health conditions frequently visit the hospital for appointments and are faced with paying over £10 for parking over fours hours.

For an individual to continuously pay such amounts of money on a weekly/monthly basis is wrong and needs to be changed. The Conservative Party in Maidenhead has pledged to fight to reduce high NHS parking charges in their 2015 manifesto. Lisa Targowska, the Conservative Party candidate for Belmont has vowed, that if elected, she will fight this issue and lobby for change.

Please support her in her fight as it will not only improve the lives of residents and visitors in surrounding streets, but it will also mean that patients are able to attend St Mark’s Hospital without having to pay extreme charges.